Mama Grizzly by Amy Dreyer

Just like other parents, I am always concerned with my children’s safety. I want to be a source of both comfort and strength to them. Luckily, I met Tom Johnson when our kids attended the same grade school, and ended up enrolling both in his after school kids classes.

In 2000 I lost the hearing in my left ear. Thank goodness ears come in pairs! But losing stereo sound makes it hard to tell where noises are coming from. It’s not that I just can’t hear on the left, but rather I can’t tell if someone is on my deaf side unless I see or touch them. It’s a very real vulnerability.

A few years ago I brought the kids home from a movie late at night, and found that the master bedroom had been robbed. Then we realized the sliding back doors were open, which meant that when we rolled up the garage door, the thieves ran out the back. We essentially walked into the house with criminals still there, so it was a close call. Only things were taken, however, we realized we needed more security.

My 2 kids have attended Tom’s classes since grade school, on and off over the years. They are an integral part of Pinnacle Tactics; acting as part of our technical and on line media department, and helping teach kid’s classes. I began training in 2005 and have never looked back. I obtained my concealed handgun permit in 2013, I carry a backup knife, plus have a collapsible baton in the door well of my vehicle. I know how to use these weapons because we train with them regularly. I am so grateful for the confidence and skill I’ve gained over these years working with Tom.

When you don’t have a plan to deal with the unknown, fear creeps in. Now when I am awakened by a noise in the house, I know what to do and go back to sleep.

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