Little things make a big difference.

People often think they need to have a certain level of knowledge, training, and firepower to be effective in life & death situations.
All of those things help. But without discipline and good habits; knowledge, training, and firepower are useless.

Wherever you go:

  • Know where the exits are.
  • Look for places to take cover.
  • Find things that can be used as weapons.

Fear will be present no matter how prepared you are. If you don’t have a plan, you can be overwhelmed and that fear can become panic and terror which makes you freeze, becoming an easy target. If you have a plan, no matter how simple, you can use the fear to move faster, stronger, and decisively. Fear is overcome by discipline and good habits.

Don’t use these principles only when you don’t feel safe. Use them at all times so you’ll always feel safe. Your biggest enemy is complacency. After 30 visits to your favorite grocery store without an incident, you may think you’re safe there and as a result let your guard down. And that’s when something can happen. All 50 people in that Sutherland TX church felt safe worshipping on Sundays, except when an armed killer entered the building.

Prey behavior elicits predator behavior. If you are multi-tasking, such as texting and walking to your car searching your purse for keys and jockeying groceries into the car with earbuds blasting “your jam”, you are very attractive to criminals. Have your keys ready when leaving the store. Be aware of people around you as you unload your groceries. Get in the car, lock the door, then check your phone, and turn on your stereo before you drive away. LiveSafe and prosper!

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