Katie get yer gun

Firearms Training, independent programming by an NRA certified instructor

Basic pistol training, Concealed Handgun Permit certification, and/ or Advanced pistol training.



Basic Pistol $100

Pinnacle Tactics training will help you decide whether to make a gun part of your life: lear all the parts of a pistol, how it works & fires, ammunition types with loading & unloading, how to field strip & clean a pistol, correct stance & grip, proper trigger squeeze & sight alignment, ballistics, live fire drills at the range with instructor.


Concealed Handgun Permit $200

It’s a decision that carries a lot of responsibility.

The most comprehensive, innovative approach to concealed carry.
This depth of training can be gained nowhere else.

Format includes classroom workshop, physical scenario training + live fire at range.
Like other quality CHP classes, we address the legalities as well as how to shoot.
But we take you well beyond the basics, using force-on-force situational training.
You gain the confidence to handle your weapon in common scenarios.
We cover not only how to shoot, but also how & when to deploy your gun, how to retain it during a struggle, and how to correct weapon malfunctions.
On top of all that, you will also learn how to blend your firearm tactics with combative techniques.


Advanced pistol $200

Pinnacle Tactics believes a responsible gun owner is consistent with training. Advanced pistol is the next step in mastering concealed carry:

  • Drawing from concealment
  • Moving while shooting
  • Shooting from cover & various positions
  • Clearing most common weapon malfunctions
  • Magazine changes
  • Fighting with your gun/gun retention
  • and Shooting under stress.