Learn how to handle yourself in any violent situation while enjoying the best workout of your life.


Topics covered

  • School Safety:
    Faculty training makes schools a safe place to work while giving parents confidence in their children’s safety”.
  • Car Jacking:
    Bring your car to class! Learn how to save lives & avoid property theft.

  • Stick Attack Defense:
    Avoid the pain with amazing defensive techniques; enjoy the gain with a great workout.
  • Gun Defense:
    Don’t freeze if you see a gun; seize the opportunity to defend yourself with Pinnacle Tactics.
  • Ladies Only:
    Having no men in this class allows us to focus on issues particular to women of any age.
  • Help! My “baby” is going away to college:
    Give your child the tools they need to stay safe while they’re away from home.
  • Family Safety:
    Keep your home secure with techniques your whole family can learn.

  • Improvised Weapons:
    High energy class taps into your creativity using everyday objects as protection.
  • Youth classes (no weapons):
    We empasize making the best decisions while learning realistic responses to danger.

  • Edged-Weapon Defense:
    Pinnacle Tactics that put an attacker on the defensive while building your cardio.
  • Seasoned Citizens:
    Avoid becoming a victim; you’re never too old to protect yourself.

  • Active Shooter:
    In today’s world this is a reality. Create good habits and make an action plan.

  • Realtor Safety:
    Customized Protector Series for the real estate professional.

  • Runner Safety:
    Protector Series customized for runners of all ages, shapes, and sizes.