Teacher Active Shooter Training

“(I)t was really a good experience - until you try something you don't know if you can do it.  I "enjoyed" practicing on other teachers and feeling more competent about doing the punches and take downs.  I feel that I might be able to do some of the skills since I now have them in my brain.  (I hope that makes sense).  I think the training was great for a staff of varying levels of fear and ability. I will definitely recommend the class to other schools.  I have already told a couple of principals that they needed to call you! Thank you for empowering us to feel more comfortable with such a hard subject.”

– Lisa T., School Principal, Lakewood, CO 


Concealed Handgun Permit Training

“Thanks Tom for my Carry Conceal! It was an awesome class that I would recommend to everyone and I won’t be shy and say I’m a pretty good shot thanks to you! “

Elaina H., Denver, CO


A woman & mother’s perspective

“I would like to share with you the experience I have gained from training with Tom Johnson of Pinnacle Tactics. He is extremely dedicated, an amazing instructor, and an expert in every facet of self defense.
I have known Tom for 16 years, 10 of which included attending Pinnacle Tactics classes. As an average-sized woman, I am now confident and knowledgeable enough to not just defend myself in many situations, but to proactively protect myself, property, and even others. Using Pinnacle Tactics I’ve conditioned myself to prepare for weapons attacks, have developed reflexive counter attacks to various types of assault situations, and most-importantly have the mind-set needed for my own personal safety.
It is empowering knowing I can protect myself rather than simply defending against violence. This way of thinking has really changed my life, and that alone makes it worthwhile for anyone, especially women, to learn what Tom Johnson has to offer. It’s a peace of mind that I think everyone can benefit from. Not only are the classes exhilarating, but the wisdom you gain in just one hour is amazing. Tom is a person of good moral character who strives to educate his clients in living safer, which is especially important in this crazy world we live in.With all the bombings and shootings going on today, you owe it to yourself and your family not to be a statistic. Give it a try. You’ll gain so much in so many ways, and truly, your life may depend on it. "
– Jennifer R. of Denver, CO


A married couple dedicated to working out together

“Tony and wife Carol are in their 60’s & have been training for 6 years, driving an hour one-way for a 1.5 hour weekly session. These are Tony’s comments: “I’ve studied 3 types of martial arts, but none are as effective as the Krav Maga based training at Pinnacle Tactics. You learn to control and overcome threats within 3 seconds of attack. More importantly, Tom is knowledgeable in all aspects of self defense, is friendly, provides constant encouragement, & keeps things positive. He always has something new to share. If you want basic defense against guns, knives, clubs, fists, holds, & general attacks, Tom Johnson should be your instructor.”
– Tony & Carol B. of Limon, CO


An enthusiastic young student

“This is the hands down best class around. Tom is not only a great instructor...he is literally the best teacher I have ever had in my entire life. He takes the time to show you the exercise from multiple angles & floats around the class offering helpful advice. My favorite part is if you ask him WHY the move is done in such and such of a way, he not only shows you why but he has the knowledge to explain why you should do it that way. His monthly seminars are fantastic (which include line-of-fire, 3rd party protection, knife fighting, stick fighting, ground survival and lots more). Not only does Tom teach Krav, but he also teaches Muay Thai, cardio kickboxing, ground survival and a kids class. You can't go wrong here folks. Take one class with Tom Johnson...just one...I guarantee you that you will be hooked.”
– Rusty S. of Aurora, CO


A seasoned traveler & family man

“Brian is 58, and these are his comments: “I have attended Tom Johnson's school for the past 4 years. Tom has showed me, as he shows all of his students, a truly effective self defense approach that is practical, tested, and that can be applied by almost anyone. After nearly 100 class sessions I can say that I've always left class knowing more than when I came in. Tom’s teaching is constantly evolving because Tom keeps up with what others in the field are doing and continually develops his own innovations that he passes along to others. Pinnacle Tactics is not hide-bound by tradition. The confidence and awareness I've gained towards my personal safety and that of my family has meant I that I’m able to avoid potentially dangerous situations both domestically and internationally. It is amazing how bullies will quickly back down when they are faced with a confident defender regardless of the culture in which they live. In addition to teaching hand-to-hand self defense Tom teaches students defense against weapons anyone may encounter in today's world including hand guns, knives, and baseball bats. For students who wish to go there, Tom also teaches tactics for using guns, knives and sticks in a defensive mode. I've been licensed to carry a concealed handgun for many years and have taken many good classes on the subject. But I've learned more from Tom on practical self defense with a gun than from any other instructor. Finally, no description of Tom's classes would be complete without mentioning that Tom is a great instructor and is inclusive of all levels of students - men, women and kids. He teaches with humor and humility and without a hint of macho BS that permeates so many self defense schools.”
– Brian F. of Highlands Ranch, CO


A mother grateful for her son’s progress

“My son's confidence has grown immensely since he started training with Tom Johnson last year . Tom is amazing with kids, helping them learn invaluable skills should they ever have to fight -- skills that involve their heads and hearts in addition to their muscles. My boy has come so far from the timid kid he was, and despite being peaceful by nature, he looks forward to his class time every week. I hope my son never has to use the physical skills he's learning, but should he ever need to, we're confident he'll fare far better in a fight with Tom's wisdom guiding him.”
– Cheresa C,, Parker, CO


A regular student attending an Active Shooter seminar

“One of the most helpful things today was knowing I don’t have to be a hero. Also realizing a gun is a machine, and if you know how it works, it isn’t as scary. The exercises were great, and really . In the exercise I couldn’t use my gun when my partner attacked, and doing it felt very realistic. Thanks, Tom!”
– Dave C. of Denver, CO


Samples of Colorado Ranger professional recertification feedback

“This was by far the most effective, practical training I have had since becoming a Ranger. Thanks so much!”
– Larry S. #1


“The instructor was excellent and kept the class engaged in practical training that went by fast and was very enjoyable.”
– Larry S. #2


“Great class - want more. No criticisms - instructor is great.”
– Dave R.


“Awesome class. Offered repeatable moves/tactics to engrain proper self defense and officer safety. Appreciate opportunities to try techniques that are practical to maintain personal safety.”
– John D.


“Very good class. Time flew by. Very realistic, real world training.”
– Mike S.