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We believe that we are each our own first responders. What does this mean to you?


Our training imparts real life physical skills for today’s world. All people have a drive towards self-preservation. These classes develop a protector mindset using your innate abilities and honing them into real skills. We’ll help build your personal toolbox, teach you fear management, and thoroughly dissect tangible survival scenarios. Our programming encompasses the physiological, behavioral, and psychological. This is not martial arts. We respect the martial arts, but martial arts as they’re traditionally taught don’t teach real life skills. We don’t have a belt system that you work through to become an “expert” because there’s always something new to learn. We’re constantly improving our system and innovating new tactics. This is an ever-changing system that continually challenges students with respect to their own personal protection goals.


We believe that safe living should be part of your daily routine, just like brushing your teeth. We all recognize that violence happens in society. So why not plan how to address it? If you know that kids get abducted, why not have a family plan to guard against that possibility? And shouldn’t the babysitter and your relatives who visit know this protocol too? In other words, anything of value in your life needs regular attention. Why overlook your family’s safety? It’s the one thing that could actually mean life or death.


We are all protectors of something. Being a protector is about mind set and having a plan. We believe you are your brother’s keeper and vice versa. Think about the stages of a person’s life. As babies we rely entirely on others for everything. As kids our parents assure our safety and we help our younger siblings in turn. As we grow older we develop more self-sufficiency plus we have our best-friend’s back. When we date we are concerned for each other’s wellbeing. After marriage comes babies, our parent’s aging, then the cycle comes full circle. The protector is a role we play all of our lives, so why not be well trained at it? With knowledge comes power, security, and confidence.


Sound asleep, kids in their rooms…all is well? Suddenly a loud crash from the basement. Do you react emotionally, panic, and run around swinging a golf club? Or does your training kick in, and you relax into ”standard operating procedure”: Arm yourself, check on other family members and make sure they’re safe before you go through the house checking windows, doors, turn on lights outside, and assess the noise. So the cat knocked over a lamp in the basement. Everyone can get back to sleep knowing all is well.


We have heard teachers say “I didn’t sign up for that” when asked about protecting the kids they teach. Although we understand the protector role isn’t their primary imperative, we believe teachers do fall into that category. As parents we entrust our kid’s lives to schools 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. We’ve also heard the amazingly heroic stories of faculty stepping up and keeping their kids safe. We are rooting for that way of thinking in all our schools.


Just as it’s important to have protector-minded teachers, our babysitters and carpool parents should also be concerned with our children’s well-being. Otherwise, are we sure we want to hand our children over to them? We can informally interview these people in our lives in a way that can inform and enlighten them with the protector mind-set. It’s simple but important to share personal protection ideas with those we care about in our lives.


Sadly we’ve seen many students come to us looking for personal protection training AFTER a criminal commits a crime against them. We want to reach as many people as we can with our methods so less people are victimized. Situational awareness and a protector action plan are integral to staying safe and keeping families safe.


Our business is a labor of love and we truly want to share the Protector Series with as many people as we can. We believe the more protector minded people we have in our lives the safer and happier our communities become. Our sincere wish is that everyone builds a life that is safe and secure. Live safe, and remember that “no one can save the day like you”!

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No one can "save the day" like you!

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“I am now confident and knowledgeable enough to not just defend myself in many situations, but to proactively protect myself, property, and even others…. Not only are the classes exhilarating, but the wisdom you gain in just one hour is amazing.”

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