Your Safety is in Your Own Hands.
Train Your Body and Build Peace of Mind.

12 Minutes
You are on your own.
Nation-wide, average emergency response time is 12 minutes.
Do you have the skillset to survive that long?
Crises just happen. But we can help you develop a plan.
How you equip yourself and prepare is up to you.
We’ve got your back.


The Protector Series imparts real life physical skills for today’s world. All people have a drive towards self-preservation. Pinnacle Tactics address the physiological, behavioral, and psychological aspects of violence. These classes develop a Protector mindset using your own innate abilities and sharpens them into real skills. We will help you build your personal toolbox, teach you fear management, and thoroughly dissect tangible survival scenarios. You will become the Protector your family needs now!



Here’s what people are saying about LiveSafe with Pinnacle Tactics


“Thanks for my Carry Conceal! It was an awesome class that I would recommend to everyone and I won’t be shy and say I’m a pretty good shot thanks to you!”

- Elaina H., Denver, CO

“This was by far the most effective, practical training I have had since becoming a Ranger. Thanks so much!”

– Larry S.

“Great class – want more. No criticisms – instructor is great.”

– Dave R.